the lowdown provides a confidential service, which allows us to help those most in need without them being afraid to talk to us.

We won’t insist on getting your contact details when you get in touch, and we will not pass on your details to anyone outside the lowdown unless you’ve asked us to. The only exceptions to this are legal requirements around Safeguarding issues, Terrorism and Drug Trafficking.

We must report terrorism and drug trafficking offences, and, in exceptional circumstances, if we believe you or someone known to you has been or may be in danger, we will pass on information.

We will do our best to get permission from you, or the person involved, before we do this. Since we do not insist on service user contact details, full disclosure may not always be possible.

You are safe with us.

“We understand that it can feel like a big step to take, but we are here for you. You are not alone…”

This form is for self-referrals and assisted self-referrals to access the lowdown’s services.