Real Stories


* Client names have been changed to protect anonymity


ABUSE – Vicky’s father sexually abused her from the age of 10…

“Me and my mum eventually left my dad after mum found out what was going on. I was so shocked that she knew, but so glad she decided to leave him – I was miles away and free of him at last! Our new life was tough and money was tight but we were much better off without him.

The first time I had to face the facts of what had happened to me, was when my friends started to talk about sex and confided in me that they hadn’t experienced anything yet – this was when we were all 16. I was suddenly aware that I was the only one that was no longer a virgin, following the abuse from my father. I started to worry more and more that this would be found out, and I felt very uncomfortable around boys, just in case sex was mentioned. I did eventually get into a relationship and it’s sometimes uncomfortable when I talk about my past to him, but he’s great and understanding. But I can’t tell him everything! So when I started counselling, I could tell them everything and it feels great to let go!

the lowdown has taught me that the abuse was something that happened to me, but doesn’t have to affect the rest of my life. I have been having sessions there for a couple of months now and each week I get more and more comfortable with myself and am moving away from the bad stuff that happened to me. I might not have ever got my life back, if I didn’t go for that first session. Amazing!”

(Vicky, 18 years old)


ANGER – Luke, a popular and promising young athlete, wanted to be able to stop the anger he felt inside spoiling everything good in his life…

“I just couldn’t control myself. First it was just mainly in class, then I got angry at home and with my sports, especially during rugby – I got sent off a lot. People were winding me up more and more.

One time I got so wound up something inside me just flipped and I punched a lad right in front of the ref! I was really mad at myself for rising to the bait. I knew I had to do something about it ‘cos if I carried on I would have been thrown off the team. I really didn’t want to be like this but I didn’t know what to do.

I heard about lowdown and thought I would give counselling a try. At first I felt a bit embarrassed talking about my problems and thought that they wouldn’t be able to help, but soon it changed and I looked forward to my session. They just really get me. I soon started to see things much clearer and felt loads better about myself.

After a while of seeing my counsellor, my temper became much better and others saw a big difference in me and I would laugh off the stuff that would normally really get to me. My rugby has improved and I don’t let my team mates or myself down by getting sent off.

Thank you lowdown!”

(Luke, 14 years old)


ct3BULLYING – Julie was bullied in year 10 by her so called friends…

“I was popular and into my school work and I’m not sure if the other kids were threatened or something, but I would get looks, hair pulled and spat at, then it got worse. I started getting threatening messages and texts. One text said that they were going to kill me and my brother. I got really scared this time, but tried to keep it together and somehow I got through my exams and passed with good marks. One day I was jumped by three girls they kicked me in the face and ribs, my nose was broken and I looked a mess. I was taken to hospital and referred to the police and the girls were later prosecuted.

My parents were great but I couldn’t really talk about it all as they got upset and wished they could have done something before it got out of hand. My Auntie gave me lowdown’s number and I booked to see a counsellor. I just broke down and cried for most of the first session. It was a release after all that time keeping it together. I guess I’ve learnt with my counsellor, that it wasn’t my fault and the girls were the ones with the problems to do what they did. I have learnt to trust new friends and my confidence is slowly getting better, I’m learning a lot about myself & going out more.”

(Julie, now 21 years old)

* Client names have been changed to protect anonymity

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