Looking for Depression support services? the lowdown are here to help! We provide free counselling and advice to young people aged 12-25yrs across Northampton.

Depression is a common illness which means you feel very low, sad or alone. It can sometimes make you feel as if you have no energy at all, and can get in the way of your everyday life.

If you suffer from depression, you’re not simply unhappy for a short period of time, you’re unhappy for a long time, and you might not be able to explain why. There are various ways to reduce depression, including counselling, relaxation, exercise and medication. Getting a better understanding of what depression is is a great place to start and can give you more confidence to tackle the issue.

You’re not alone

1 in 5 of us will feel the effects of depression at some point in our lives. It can be difficult to recognise depression yourself if you are suffering, because your head isn’t in the right place to be thinking about what’s going on. When you do recognise the signs (or once they’ve been pointed out to you), it can be difficult to ask for help, but there’s a lot of support available.

We can help

We helped 35 people like you deal with DEPRESSION last year. It can be difficult to talk about depression because you may not be ‘feeling yourself’, are not at your most chatty and you may not be able to explain why you feel so low. Don’t worry, we understand. We’re here to listen and to support you in finding ways to cope and feel better.

Get in touch if you’re worried about depression

Drop in, make an appointment or call us on 01604 622223 for free, confidential and non-judgmental counselling and support. We know it can feel like a big step to take, but we’re here for you.

This video was made by Media Students from the University of Northampton to raise awareness of issues facing young people & how support from the lowdown can help.

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