Looking for OCD support services? the lowdown are here to help! We provide free counselling and advice to young people aged 12-25yrs across Northampton.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a condition which causes someone to become anxious or obsessed with certain things such as thoughts, images or ideas and finds them hard to ignore.

These obsessions can lead the person to do certain things either repeatedly or in a specific way – sometimes even when it is impractical, embarrassing or maybe even unhealthy. Typical OCD issues include repetitive washing, counting or checking (eg; door locking). OCD can be genetic. There are many ways people display OCD and to different degrees. But please don’t worry as you are not alone. There’s lots of help available and OCD can be treated with medicine and therapy.

You’re not alone

Children and young adults are as vulnerable to OCD as anyone else. It’s a type of mental health issue and nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever you are OCD about, the pattern of obsession and compulsion will be similar to other sufferers, and the treatment options are very similar. You’re not to blame if you suffer from OCD, and you can get better. There are lots of supports out there for you.

We can help

We helped 151 people like you deal with mental health issues including OCD last year. We understand it can be difficult to talk about, but we’re here to listen and support you if you’re unsure whether you, or someone you know, have OCD, or you want to know how best to get a diagnosis, therapy or specialist treatment.

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