Looking for Stress and Anxiety support services? the lowdown are here to help! We provide free counselling and advice to young people aged 12-25yrs across Northampton.

If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety, you may be experiencing a number of sensations, including agitation, racing heartbeat, sweating, churning stomach, tiredness, headaches, digestive difficulties, problems sleeping and difficulty in concentrating.

Stress and anxiety are both normal reactions, which usually happen when we are confronted with situations in which we feel uncomfortable, worried or threatened. Being stressed and anxious a lot of the time, however, can lead to ill-health, panic attacks and practical problems in your daily life.

You’re not alone

All of us experience stress and anxiety at some point in our lives, often in common situations such as exams, moving house or starting a new job. If you’re feeling really ‘on edge’ a lot of the time and you’re not sure why, it could be time to get some support and information so you can understand what is troubling you and find ways to improve how you feel. There are plenty of supports available to help you with this.

We can help

We helped 679 people like you deal with STRESS and ANXIETY last year. Whether you’d like to discuss your own feelings of stress and anxiety, or those of someone you care about, we are here to listen and help. Sometimes it can be a huge relief just to tell someone how you are feeling.

Get in touch if you’re worried about stress and anxiety

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We know it can feel like a big step to take, but we’re here for you.

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