rbcktThe refurbishment building work and expansion is now complete… WOW didn’t Rotary Becket do well!

It took a total of 17 days, 18 volunteers, 3 professional trades (electricians, plumbers, carpenters), one lovely Robert Shoobridge who donated £1,543.00 for materials, 1 brilliant project manager in Terry Atkinson and a lot of time, sweat and dedication.

The project has been amazing and has enabled the lowdown to double its capacity for counselling/service rooms which means that we will be able to take on more counsellors, students and placements and in turn help more young people get the much needed help and support. We still have a bit to do with decoration and furnishing but this will be done and complete as.

You can learn more about the works completed, those involved and view images here.

The overall cost to the lowdown for the building work is £2,300 but if we hadn’t of had the time donated, people and monetary donations the project would have cost the lowdown over £12,000 !!!

Now that is absolutely amazing and we can’t thank the team from Rotary Becket enough for all they have done.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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