Our “NOW IS THE TIME” Anti-Bullying Campaign

If you have ever been bullied or know someone who has, then please support us and help spread the word of our “NOW IS THE TIME” Anti-Bullying Campaign… #NowIsTheTime to get involved!

Created by the lowdown and supported by Northamptonshire County Council, the aim of the anti-bullying campaign is to try and get every school and college in the county to sign up to an agreed and united approach to tackle bullying so that every young person in Northamptonshire feels safe and protected within these environments. Please scroll down to learn more…


Numerous Northamptonshire schools, colleges and educational facilities are getting behind our “NOW IS THE TIME” Anti-Bullying Campaign – including:

  • All Saints CEVA Primary school & Nursery Unit
  • Caroline Chisholm School
  • Higham Ferrers Nursery & Infant School
  • Irchester Community Primary School
  • Magdelen College School
  • Rushden Academy
  • Warwick Primary
  • More details will feature here soon…

If you are a Northants student, parent or carer

the lowdown is working with young people, schools and other professionals to help make a real and positive change to the way bullying is dealt with across the whole county. Please support us by asking your school, college or educational facility to sign up to our “NOW IS THE TIME” Anti-Bullying Campaign (if they haven’t already).

Please also complete (or ask your child to complete if you are the parent/carer/worker) our annual anonymous anti-bullying survey when it’s time. You can check this website and our social media to see when the survey is open. Thank you.

If you are a Northamptonshire school, college or educational facility

now_logo_blue_300x300Please sign up to our “NOW IS THE TIME” Anti-Bullying Campaign. By doing this, you will join others to help safeguard pupils within your care from the trauma of bullying.

By signing up, you will join us in becoming UK leaders, as the first county to have every school and college sign up to a united and standardised approach to bullying. Just click on the ‘Sign Up Documents’ tab below. Thank you.


the lowdown are delighted to have held our first Anti-Bullying Steering group with school participation and welcomed representatives from Rushden Academy, Caroline Chisholm School, Magdelen College School and Irchester Primary school to this first meeting. Several other schools and organisations are also part of the steering group, which will confirm the steps for the Anti-Bullying Campaign Calendar and complete items for the Growing Tool Kit to support each step. The Campaign Calendar and Tool Kits will be distributed to other schools to work through in readiness for applying for the upcoming Anti-Bullying Awards Programme.


Bullying affects millions of people across the world every day.  Resulting in under achievement, low grades, poor attendance and deterioration in mental health and well being. Leading to low self-esteem, hopelessness, self-harming, eating disorders, pain, serious injury, death or even suicide. Every one of us will face bullying at some point in our lives, whether it is one off or ongoing – bullying takes many forms and can happen at school, at home, in a relationship or in the workplace, but this does not make it acceptable. Some excellent pockets of anti-bullying work are being done across the UK and internationally which is fantastic, but it’s not enough.

#NowIsTheTime to unite and wage war on bullying – to ensure that we take a united stand of zero tolerance – to protect everyone from the suffering of bullying. the lowdown have started this campaign in Northamptonshire with backing from the County Council to firstly measure and then try and help address bullying within every educational facility across the county.

The “NOW IS THE TIME” Anti-Bullying Campaign aims to achieve this united and standardised approach to bullying within every school and college in the county by doing the following:

  1. Annual anonymous countywide anti-bullying survey for every 7-18 year old to complete
  2. Creation of a growing Anti-Bullying Tool Kit for schools and colleges to utilise
  3. Annual Anti-Bullying Conference (usually during national Anti-Bullying week)
  4. Creation of an Anti-Bullying Awards Programme for all educational facilities to sign up to
SIGN UP DOCUMENTS – for educational facilities

Please click here to download the document explaining what “signing up” to the “NOW IS THE TIME” Anti-Bullying Campaign means.

Then, please click here to download and complete the actual Signing up Form.


SPREAD THE WORD: Please encourage your local school, college or educational facility to sign up (via the form on the tab above) to our “NOW IS THE TIME” Anti-Bullying Campaign. Please tell the parents/carers and young people you know, about this campaign. Please connect to our Social Media and share #NowIsTheTime and like our campaign posts. Please ask every 7-18 year old to complete our annual anonymous countywide anti-bullying online survey when it is available.

GET INVOLVED: Volunteers are welcome to join the “NOW IS THE TIME” Anti-Bullying Campaign to help promote, to join or feed into our Steering Group or, to assist with promotion of the campaign and help with raising funds to ensure we have the resources to make this campaign work.

DONATE: If you would like to make a donation to the “NOW IS THE TIME” Anti-Bullying Campaign to help us achieve our aims, please do so via JustGiving here: https://www.justgiving.com/Nowisthetimeantibullying/ – All donations are much appreciated. Thank you.

ANNUAL ANONYMOUS COUNTYWIDE ANTI-BULLYING SURVEY - for every 7 to 18 year old to complete

Please click here for a downloadable PDF with information about the Survey.

The Survey is currently closed, but we will run another survey in the coming months, so look forward to receiving your thoughts and opinions then 🙂

Some 2016 UK Bullying Statistics

  • 1.5 million young people (50%) have been bullied within the past year.
  • 145,800 (19%) of these were bullied EVERY DAY.
  • Twice as many boys as girls bully (66% of males vs. 31% females).
  • 57% of female respondents have been bullied, 44% of male respondents and 59% of respondents who identified as trans have been bullied.
  • 24% of those who have been bullied go on to bully.
  • 20% of all young people have physically attacked somebody.
  • 44% of young people who have been bullied experience depression.
  • 41% of young people who have been bullied experience social anxiety.
  • 33% of those being bullied have suicidal thoughts.
The above statistics are taken from Ditch The Label’s “Key Findings” of their “Annual Bullying Survey 2016 – Bullying Statistics in the UK”.

Share your stories and videos

Please share your stories or videos of how you overcame bullying, remembering to include #NowIsTheTime‬. Katie from Weston Favell Academy has made a video already, you can check it out below!

And remember if you are being bullied, the lowdown are here for you, 6 days a week. Read our anti-bullying & cyber-bullying advice pages and get in touch!

Your message is confidential and sent direct to the lowdown's support team.
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