Training and Consultancy Services – helping you to better serve young people’s needs

We have helped Avon, Relate, Samaritans and Connexions (to name but a few) to better support the young people they work with.


the lowdown have years of experience in supporting children and young adults with a broad range of challenging issues. But we don’t work in isolation. Our clients are supported within the community through a number of other organisations, and we are delighted to offer training and consultancy services to these organisations so that young people have access to consistent and comprehensive information and advice.

Our training and consultancy services are used by

  • Schools
  • Surgeries
  • The Voluntary Sector
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Businesses
  • Youth and Community Groups
Our most popular training programmes are

  • Enhancing Your Listening & Communication Skills
  • Basic Counselling Skills
  • Managing Young People and Self Harm
  • Managing Young People and LGBTQ issues
  • Understanding Current Issues Affecting Young People
  • Welcoming Young People to Your Facility
If there is another topic you would like us to cover in our training for your team, please do let us know. We provide a competitively priced bespoke service, tailoring our training and consultancy services to meet the particular needs of your organisation and the children and young adults you work with.

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What do I do now?

Please phone our office line 01604 634385 or email us at: to discuss your needs.

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Concerned about safety?
the lowdown provides a confidential service, which allows us to help those most in need without them being afraid to talk to us.