A message from Imti Farookhi (our new CEO):

imti“I am delighted to be here as the CEO of the lowdown and am looking forward to working with the Trustees, staff team and volunteers – supporting the great work they do.

I’ve been fortunate in having been in a number of challenging and rewarding roles – in local government as the Chief Executive of Leicester City Council, in the private sector as CEO of the National Housebuilding Council and in a variety of government agencies focused on regeneration, further education, training and social enterprise.

There has never been more need for the type of work that the lowdown does – services for the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. I want to ensure that the Government’s welcome rhetoric is matched by real commitment in resources and to a mixed economy of provision through both the statutory and voluntary sectors.

At local level, the lowdown provides a valuable resource for Northampton and the surrounding area – our services are much in demand and we need to continue to build on both community goodwill and our partnerships with the local authorities, the NHS and local businesses.”

A big welcome also to our new cohort of additional Trustees…

– Maria Arce, Lindsay Reed, Martin Clarke, Paul Coxon, Stephen Edmonds & Peter Naidus.

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