The Lowdown

The Lowdown is a Mental Health Charity, providing free and confidential support services for 11- 25 year olds in Northamptonshire.
Working as part of The REACH Collaborative

Important Notice

Our building at 3 Kingswell Street is being extensively refurbished and extended, please check the individual posters for the location of each service.

Alternatively, go to our Contact Us page for full information.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call 01604 634385.

Come along to our Wellbeing Event on 20th July hosted by our Youth Advisory Board.

See info below:

Changes Regarding Your Personal Data

In order to ensure that ‘The Lowdown’ is able to continue to provide its services and advice to the children and young adults of Northamptonshire, the trustees of the charity have agreed, in the best interest of the individuals who use its services, to incorporate the charity into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (“CIO”). Although this will not alter the day to day running of the charity, the legal entity of the charity will change, along with its registered charity number.

The change in legal entity means that all personal data the charity currently holds in relation to the individuals who use its services will need to be ‘transferred’ from the unincorporated charity to the CIO. In practice, this will not result in any change to the way that personal data is currently processed. It will not be accessed by anybody who does not already have authorisation to access it and it will not be physically moved from the place it is currently stored. Under the UK General Data Protection Regulations and theData Protection Act 2018,we are legally required to provide you with notice of the transfer to the CIO. Please read the letter, which you can access via the link below, for more details on how this transfer will affect you as a user of our services. It is very important that you read this letter.

Many thanks,
The Lowdown Team.


You dont need to experience difficult situations alone, The Lowdown are here to help.

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Information, Advice and Advocacy (RE:Start)

Helping 16-25 year olds move forward on their mental health journey.

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Wellbeing Drop-ins
Wellbeing Support

The Lowdown offers wellbeing support services for young people and their families.

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LGBTQ+ Support
LGBTQ+ Support

The Lowdown Out There groups offer a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space.

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the REACH partnership
Youth Activities

A safe space for you, everyone welcome.

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Sexual Health
Sexual Health

The Lowdown are always here to help you stay safe and make informed decisions.

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Outreach Services
Wellbeing Resources

Helpful resources to support your mental health.

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Online resources and apps the NHS recommend to support your mental health.

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Postcode Places Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Our organisation received £25,000 from the Trust to support our core costs to ensure young people in Northamptonshire receive early intervention for their mental health and wellbeing.

Postcode Places Trust and People Postcode Lottery

“The Lowdown believe no young person should ever experience mental health issues alone.”