REACH Partnership

REACH Collaboration provide professional and confidential youth counselling for young people aged from 11-19 years across the County of Northamptonshire.

REACH consists of 5 existing highly regarded agencies:-

• The Lowdown  • Service Six  • Time2Talk  • Youth Works • CHAT Youth Counselling

The service is funded by the CCG and Public Health in Northamptonshire. Many of these agencies provide other services for young people to support their mental health. Just click on the logos for further information and to visit their websites >

Service Six, 15 Sassoon Mews,
Wellingborough, NN8 3LT

The Abbey, Market Square,
Daventry, NN11 4XG

The Courthouse, 1 Mill Road,
Oundle, PE8 4BW

Youth Works,
Keystone Centre, 97 Rockingham Rd,
Kettering, NN16 9HX

REACH ~ Youth Counselling for Northamptonshire

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