Get Involved

Do you want to volunteer with us?

We would love to hear from you. We have a great team of volunteers at the lowdown, in a wide range of interesting and fulfilling roles.

We are passionate about supporting and training our volunteers so that they can enjoy the meaningful work, personal and professional development, and get the recognition they want and deserve. Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and are aged from 18 to 80, so you’ll fit right in!

We have various roles available throughout the year, so keep checking our volunteering opportunities page for vacancies. If you can’t find the vacancy that you are looking for, you can request a volunteer interest form. Email: and we’ll update you as opportunities arise.

You could also join us at volunteer events. Keep checking our Events page for details of forthcoming volunteer events, and to register your interest.

Are you under 18?

We’d love your support on our Focus Forum. You can help to shape what help and support other young people can get from the lowdown by making sure we stay up to date and relevant. It’s great fun and you get to make new friends and attend social and training events. Plus it looks good on your CV for college, Duke of Edinburgh Awards or work applications.

To register your interest for our focus forum: Please email so we can let you know when we are next running one.

18 years or over?

You can apply to become a fully trained counselling and information worker, information or shift support worker or database administrator. We also have external opportunities for outreach and detached volunteers (working within the community) to join our team working in other locations throughout Northamptonshire.

Practical skills you could volunteer?

If you have skills such as handy work, gardening, electricial work, plumbing or decorating and could spare a few hours to help us keep in tip top shape so there’s no interruption to our vital services, we’d love to hear from you.

Governance & Management

the lowdown strives to be a well run, efficient and professional charity, offering high standards to both our clients and our supporters. To do this, we need expertise in areas such as Governance, Fundraising, Communication, Accounts, Marketing, Business, Development Policy and Technology.

Volunteers in these roles help set our direction and support our staff and volunteers, bringing in valuable expertise and leading projects which help us to achieve our goals. Whether you are working or retired, your specialist knowledge, expertise and contacts could be of great value to the lowdown.

“the lowdown would love to hear from you… get in touch with us today!”